Our Hotcore tents are a terrific value, with full length rainflys for weather protection, functional geometry for more livable space and storage, and designs for almost every camping and hiking adventure. Go to the Hotcore Tent Owner’s Manual for more information and see the Hotcore Products Warranty.


MSRP $119.99

2-person; al pole
MSRP $179.99

3-person; al pole
MSRP $199.99

3-person family
MSRP $134.99

4-person family
MSRP $169.99

6-person family
MSRP $199.99

3 person Dome Tent
MSRP $139.99

5/6 person Dome Tent
MSRP $224.99

polyester vs nylon

Polyester fabric has advantages over nylon when used as a tent rainfly. Polyester is more UV resistant, so exposure to the sun’s rays will not degrade the fabric as quickly as nylon. Also, polyester does not stretch when dealing with water and rain. This allows the entire tent to maintain its proper shape, thereby continuing to protect you from further rain and wind.

Poly Weatherproof

The polyester rainfly and floor have a PU coating to keep the water out. For example, with a 1500mm coating, the fabric can withstand a 1500mm column of water for more than one minute before a drop might work its way through this fabric. That is good enough to stop rain in most hurricane storms.

Our Hotcore Adventure Tents have a 2000mm PU coating on the rainfly and floor – except the Mantis 2 and 3, which have a 1500mm coating on the rainfly.

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