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At Hotcore Products, our mission is to provide great products to keep you dry, warm, and protected no matter where you are in the world. From a long weekend family camp to the wildest bucket-list excursion, we have you covered ― literally! Our adventure tents come complete with full-length waterproof rainflies for weather protection, and efficient geometry for more livable space and storage. Hotcore sleeping bags are some of the most lightweight, compact, and affordable bags available anywhere. Getting outdoors with affordable and functional gear is possible.
Hotcore is honored to work with the Take A Hike Foundation. Your purchase allows us to continue to support this great organization which transforms young lives. Take a Hike is a full-time alternate high school program using the outdoors and adventure to engage vulnerable youth in school, community and mental health support. Full-time clinical counselors embedded in every classroom help students overcome barriers to social and academic success, leading to high school graduation.

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