ROMA 200 SE Sleeping Bag

Temp. Guide

Comfort: ​​0°C (32°F)

Limit: -1​​0°C (14°F)

Carry Weight

​​​​1.4 kg (3 lbs 2 oz)


$118.99 CAD

The Roma 200 is a great 2-3 season sleeping bag. The short tapered shape is perfect for anyone under 5′ 6″ (168cm), providing better thermal efficiency than a full-size sleeping bag, all in a compact size and weight.

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Shape: RectangularCritical Layer Construction
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  • Short tapered shape for thermal efficiency – better at keeping you warm!
  • Insulated hood provides secure fit and more warmth
  • Suresoft brushed polyester lining is warm and comfortable
  • Drawcord at shoulder – use it to trap heat in and keep the cold out
  • 2-way nylon coil zipper allows for venting at foot; reversible slider with hi visibility fabric
  • Anti-snag zipper tape, and insulated draft tube behind zipper
  • 4 fabric loops allow for attached cord to hold sleeping pad in place
  • Compression carry bag with 2 YKK quick release buckles
  • Hotcore sleeping bags of the same dimensions can be opened and zipped together around the outside edge
  • A few words on temperature ratings…
  • Hotcore Sleeping Bag Owner’s Manual and Warranty Information


Deanna talks about the Roma 200, a womens-specific sleeping bag (although truth be told, shorter guys might want to check it out too!).
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Short tapered with insulated hood.


78″ long with insulated hood
(198 cm)


32″ wide (81cm) at shoulders
22″ wide (55cm) at the foot

Carry Weight

1.4 kg (3 lbs 2 oz)

Carry Size

13″ long, 6.5″ diameter (33cm x 16.5cm)

Temperature Guide

Comfort: ​​0°C (32°F)
Limit: -1​​0°C (14°F)

A few words on temperature ratings…


​Siliconized TrueLoft microfibre insulation with Critical Layer Construction

*extra layer of insulation extended all the way down to the foot

Outer Fabric

Polyester ripstop
Colour: Seafoam

Inner Fabric

Soft-touch Pongee polyester


#5, 2-way nylon coil self-healing zipper
High visibility fabric zipper pull

* all measures approximate

Critical Layer Construction
We use thermal body-mapping construction to place the insulation where it will do the most good. You already have an insulating sleeping mat below you, and most of the sleeping bag insulation that is below will be compressed by your body weight, making it inefficient. We move much of this insulation to the top of our sleeping bags where it will trap warmth from your body.

Then we add an extra layer of TrueLoft™ insulation in the core body area, from the neckline to below the beltline, to help achieve and maintain the temperature ratings. This extra layer of insulation will trap more warmth from the body than comparable sleeping bags, while adding very little to the weight, size, and cost of the sleeping bag. Think of it as putting on a jacket, the first thing we all do when we need to stay warm.

We call this Critical Layer Construction.

High quality TrueLoft™ micro fibre synthetic insulation traps more warm air between its fibers than traditional insulations with the same loft. This gives you a warm, soft sleeping bag in a compact and lightweight size.

  • Lightweight – some of the lightest weight insulation available
  • Compressible – siliconized fibres slide easily allowing for greater loft, compressibility, and softness
  • Breathable – insulation and fabrics breathe to allow heat-robbing moisture & humidity to escape
  • Extremely quick drying – hydrophobic qualities allow TrueLoft™ to absorb less water and dry quickly
  • Warm when wet – while drying, TrueLoft™ still keeps you warm, performing better than inferior insulations