Genesis 4S overhead shot


Comfort: -14°C (6°F)
Limit: -21°C (-5°F)
MSRP $164.99


Available in three sizes
MSRP $129.99-$159.99

R-300 thumbnail


​​Comfort: ​-12°C (10°F)
Limit: ​-20°C (-4°F)
MSRP $152.99


Available in four sizes
MSRP $44.99-$92.99

Camping gear doesn’t have to cost a lot – Hotcore’s Prophet Series Adventure Tents are budget-friendly and don’t sacrifice functionality.

Brad gets out in real-world conditions and tests the R-200 sleeping bag from Hotcore.

Tarps make campsites better-like this three-metre-area, seam-taped, waterproof­-coated, 75D polyester unit from Canadian company Hotcore. It comes ready to hoist with six high-viz guy-lines and two grommets, and at just 600 grams it’s good for car-camping or backcountry excursions.
– Explore Magazine

The Kona backpacks deliver exceptional quality at a comfortable price point. We’ve been extensively using the packs for day trips, winter camping adventures and multi-day backpacking trips. The Kona feels comfortable, even when packed to the brim with some of the extras you probably should have left at home. With ample pouches, straps, zippers and more, you have a versatile backpack that should meet the needs of most every hiker

~ Brad Jennings, Explore the Backcountry

Hotcore is honored to work with the Take A Hike Foundation.
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